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Information for Vendors

At MEG Energy, we believe suppliers play a big part in our success. Suppliers working with MEG are an essential part of our team and play a critical role in helping us achieve our business objectives. As such, we select those who understand and adopt the practices we follow in our work.

If you are interested in working with MEG, please review our practices and fill out this short survey.

Taking part in supplier engagement and pre-qualification processes does not guarantee work with MEG. Due to high volume of submissions received, only suppliers of interest will be contacted.

Last updated January 30, 2023

Our Practices

Health & Safety

Our operations are located in Canada, which ranks #1 for its environmental, social and governance practices among the world's top oil reserve holders.The health and safety of our team at MEG is our highest priority. We expect suppliers we work with to share this commitment to high safety standards and to ensure safe work practices are followed during their time with MEG.


MEG is committed to developing energy in an environmentally responsible manner. All members of the MEG team, including our suppliers, are required to understand their responsibility to the environment. Suppliers must adhere to strict MEG policies to ensure compliance in all areas of our business.

Contact us for more information on MEG’s environment and health and safety practices

Invoice Submission

Invoices and all supporting documents shall be submitted via one of the following options listed in order of preference:

MEG Energy uses a third-party application called OpenInvoice to handle electronic invoices. You can track your invoice submission and see if it has been approved, disputed or paid.

Email in pdf format to [email protected].

  • An individual PDF for each invoice and related backup is required. Please ensure the file name includes the vendor name and invoice number. Appropriate back-up should be attached to the PDF invoice. A complete electronic invoice package allows for processing and payment in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Maximum of one invoice per PDF file. A file with multiple invoices will be returned.
  • File size is not to exceed 9MB; resolution is not to exceed 100-150DPI.
  • Do not use special characters (!@#$%^&*) in the invoice number (12 character maximum length) and file names.


If emailing in pdf format in accordance to the guidelines described above is not possible, please send invoice by courier or mail addressed to:

21st Floor, 600 – 3 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0G5
Attention: Accounts Payable


Questions can be directed to our AP hotline at 403.770.5361 or email

Vendor Inquiries

OpenInvoice allows you to easily obtain up-to-date information on your invoice status and payment.

  • Submitted: the invoice is submitted to Accounts Payable for data quality review. This can take approximately 10-15 days from submission date.
  • Disputed: the invoice information needs to be corrected and is returned it to you for resolution. Cancel or resubmit the invoice.
  • Approved: the invoice is now ready to be paid
  • Payment posted<: your approved invoice is being prepared for payment. “Funds are expected to be released within three business days from X (date, document number and batch number provided).”


For questions on how to use OpenInvoice email [email protected]

Invoice Requirements

Read MEG’s Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

The requirements listed below are to be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions (Long Form) or the Terms and Conditions found in the “Invoicing and Payment” section of the Contract.

  • Complete invoice packages facilitate more efficient and timely processing of payment.
  • Failure to include the necessary information in a timely manner or the inclusion of incorrect information on an invoice may result in your invoice being rejected. Subsequent to rejection, MEG requires that a corrected invoice, referencing a unique invoice number be submitted in its place.
  • Unless previously authorized by MEG, the Vendor or Contractor shall submit only one invoice per [single use services agreement/Service Order/Purchase Order] each month.
  • Contractor invoices for labour and/or equipment must provide a summary page which outlines the calculation assumptions i.e. hours x rate = extended amount invoiced.
  • Purchase Order number if applicable
  • AFE  and/or Cost Centre number if available
  • Total invoice value, excluding GST
  • Taxes payable (i.e. GST, HST)
  • GST registration number
  • Service Date
  • Date of Invoice
  • Currency
  • Holdback (if applicable)3
  • “Previously Billed” amount
  • Freight, Taxes, Duties – see below1
  • Non Residents – see below2

1 List freight, taxes & duties as separate line items. Prepaid freight shall be invoiced at actual cost with supporting documentation.

2 Non-Resident fees for services rendered in Canada are subject to a 15% withholding tax and are to be identified on the invoice separately. CRA’s Regulation 105 Waiver Authorization is to be enclosed with the invoice if applicable. Rent on equipment or other property situated in Canada is subject to a 25% withholding tax (rate may be reduced by a tax treaty). Non-resident payee may be asked to provide certificate of beneficial ownership, residency or eligibility for treaty benefits.

3 Pursuant to the builders’ lien legislation, Contractor may be required to apply a ten percent (10%) holdback for Work performed on Site. Contractor’s invoice must clearly identify the subtotal of charges before taxes (GST/PST), the ten percent (10%) holdback amount and the net amount due and payable. Tax (GST/PST) is calculated on this amount to arrive at total invoice payable amount.
Upon approval by MEG, Contractor may be eligible for partial holdback releases throughout the Term of the Agreement. Contractor must ensure the holdback release invoice clearly identifies the original invoice number(s) the release pertains to and shall be for the total amount of holdback for that invoice.

  • MEG contact person
  • (Master) Service Agreement number
  • Single use services agreement /Service Order 
  • Work Order number if applicable
  • Equipment charged if applicable
  • Personnel charged, indicating position/classification if applicable
  • Rates (incl. unit cost, if applicable).
  • MEG approved timesheets, work tickets, summaries and LEMs (if applicable)
  • Invoices for 3rd Party charges
    • PO Originator’s name
    • Line item number
    • Item quantity
    • Material description
    • Unit cost/Rates
    • Extension Cost

    Invoice Payment

    Invoice Payment and Requirement of Statutory Declaration (MEG’s election)

    MEG Energy Corp. prefers to make payment by Direct Deposit.

    • Direct Deposit is the most efficient, secure and timely method of payment and an e-mail confirmation of deposit will be sent to the Contractor/Vendors.
    • Please provide remit to information within the Vendor Information Form.
    • Without Direct Deposit, payment will default to paper cheque delivered through Canada Post.
    • If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


    MEG may, as a condition precedent to the payment of any invoice, require Contractor/Vendor to provide a statutory declaration, being substantially in the form attached to this Schedule, that all accounts for labour, subcontracts, materials and equipment and any other indebtedness which may have been incurred by Contractor/Vendor in the performance of the Work represented in the invoice and for which MEG might in any way be held responsible, have been paid in full.

    Incident Notification

    Incident notification – April 30, 2016 – Meg Energy announces that today, at approximately 08:15 hrs, during work carried out on a natural gas well near the village of Edmonton in Alberta.