MEG’s proprietary eMVAPEX process was a continuation of eMSAGP that involves the injection of a condensable gas to maintain reservoir pressure and reducing steam injection to near-zero.

MEG piloted eMVAPEX from 2016 to 2021, testing the commerciality and scalability of the technology.

eMVAPEX has the potential to further enhance MEG’s growth potential by reducing capital requirements, while minimizing environmental impacts to land, air and water. The eMVAPEX pilot was funded in part through government grants received from Alberta Innovates, Natural Resources Canada, Emissions Reduction Alberta, and Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

Inject condensable gas (CG) to:

  • Maintain reservoir pressure, reducing steam injection to near zero 
  • Dilute the warm bitumen to further improve viscosity
  • Partly de-asphalt the bitumen improving API gravity and value of product

Warmed bitumen mixed with light hydrocarbon is pushed toward infill well by pressure difference and gravity.

Freed-up steam is re-diverted to new SAGD well pairs to increase production.

Incident Notification

Incident notification – April 30, 2016 – Meg Energy announces that today, at approximately 08:15 hrs, during work carried out on a natural gas well near the village of Edmonton in Alberta.