Testimonials: From Our Team to You

We spoke to members of our team from Calgary and Site and asked them to share why they picked a career at MEG, what they like about our team and culture, and why they choose to stay.

Jesse Hupaelo

Plant Operator

“The people at MEG are like no other! Everyone looks out for each other, and our collective strength leads to a safety culture that is unique and encompassing. It’s truly a safety 360 approach!”

Leena Tanakoor

Asset Management Engineering Co-op Student

“My co-op at MEG gives me the opportunity to have real-life work experiences, where I’m able to apply the knowledge I’ve learned from university. This is a big stepping-stone for my career as it’s helping me strengthen my technical, communication and team-work skills, that will undoubtedly be crucial for my career.”

Claudia Woo

Supply Chain Management Procurement Lead

“Everyone on my team at MEG are absolute rockstars! Everyone brings different skills to the table and we have one another’s backs. When I reflect on my career, I can’t say enough about the dedication and commitment of my teammates in Supply Chain. If you’re looking for collaboration at its best, MEG is the place to be.”

Sachin Bhardwaj

Regulatory Manager, Land, Environment & Regulatory

“When I think about why I’ve chosen to stay at MEG for the past 10 years of my career, a big driver is the people. We have a really strong culture based on our MEG to the Core values, like Think Big Picture and Connect with Each Other. Working with our team, I see MEG’s future as being really bright, and I want to be a part of the company’s growth and success.”

Mike Tobin

Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications & Digital Media

“I’ve been with MEG for almost a decade and it’s motivating to work in an environment where my creativity is valued and incorporated into our business strategy. Over the years it’s been incredibly rewarding to have my ideas supported by our leadership team and be trusted to bring them to life. Along with our advancements in technology, being innovative at MEG applies to the way we communicate and connect with each other.”

Ardy Arefi

Manager, Facility Optimization

“Safety is foundational in everything we do and can be seen with Stop, Think, Plan – our approach to tasks at our site, in our offices and at home. The idea is that whenever you are about to do something you can take time to ask yourself, and your teammates, some questions that get you in the mindset of identifying new risks. This ensures you have the right support, tools and understanding to be successful at that task. We can never underuse Stop, Think, Plan as it encourages a conversation that always results in a better outcome.”


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