Our people bring energy to operations, care to communities nearby where we work, and innovative ideas to fuel our future. In short, they are key to our success.

We are committed to keeping our people and communities safe while maintaining reliable operations. We believe safety is all around us, at home, at work, and keeping each other safe is everybody’s responsibility at MEG.

We strive to build a strong safety culture where the safety of our workers and communities is always top of mind, and supported by robust health and safety programs, focusing on proactive management and continuous improvement.

As a company with a long-term outlook, we are committed to proactively contributing to society by providing meaningful employment, caring for the wellbeing of our people, adhering to high human rights standards, and supporting organizations in the communities where we live and work. We value our peoples’ talents, celebrate their diversity, and aspire to build a culture that enables them to achieve their full potential. From development and planning through to reclamation, we seek to build strong relationships with Indigenous communities nearby our operations.

We prioritize understanding the history and culture of Indigenous people so that Indigenous knowledge can be incorporated throughout our business model.

We value and work hard to maintain strong relationships with Indigenous communities and are focused on identifying opportunities for greater economic participation in our operations to meaningfully advance reconciliation.