MEG’s Hub and Spoke marketing strategy connects our northern Alberta production base to current and emerging markets in North America and beyond.



The Hub

The strategy begins with the Access Pipeline. Access delivers our blend to the Edmonton hub - the launch point to current and developing markets. Access also provides a direct connection to our operations for the transport of diluent.

The 900,000 barrel Stonefell storage facility, connected to the Access Pipeline, provides many strategic marketing advantages for MEG's production. Stonefell provides the flexibility to absorb short-term market interruptions and capitalize when market conditions are more favourable. This benefit also applies to the purchase of diluent.

The Spokes

Long-term capacity on pipelines and flexible options for rail provide the spokes to reach high-value markets.


MEG has secured capacity on a number of existing and planned pipelines that can deliver our crude to various markets across North America and position us to reach further to global markets. Through our long-term commitment on the Flanagan-Seaway pipeline that will grow over time with our growing production, we are able to access world oil prices on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Moving our product by pipe continues to be the most efficient and reliable method of transportation, adding significant value to our overall marketing strategy.


MEG's well-head to unit train loading capability via pipeline to access major Canadian rail carriers, with infrastructure connections across the continent, is a key spoke in MEG's Hub and Spoke strategy. This proprietary connection offers many distinct advantages for MEG: increased efficiencies for moving, loading and delivering our products by rail, and reduced transportation costs from well-head to rail.