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A. Tank Farm
Tanks hold diluent used in our operations and blended bitumen for shipment on the Access Pipeline.

B. Storm Ponds
This holding area collects storm water. All runoff water from the site is retained and tested to ensure it meets Alberta Environment and Water surface water quality requirements prior to being released into the environment.

C. Oil Treatment
This facility separates the oil and diluent from the produced bitumen, gas and water.

D. Cogeneration
A highly-efficient technology that generates steam and electricity for our operations. Excess electricity is sold to the Alberta power grid, which helps offset operating costs. Learn more.

E. Water Recycling Ponds
These ponds provide a storage area for water recovered from the steam production process. This water is recycled back into the operation.

F. Steam Emulsion & Natural Gas Lines
Above-ground pipelines carrying steam, gas and an emulsion of bitumen and water from well pads to MEG’s Central Processing Facility.

G. Well Pad
SAGD technology allows at least six well pairs to produce from one well pad, which reduces our surface footprint and increases operational efficiency. Because MEG's oil extraction occurs deep below the surface, natural ecosystems, including wetlands, trees and lakes are protected.

H. Wildlife Crossing
These crossings are strategically placed over our above-ground pipelines. They are designed to maintain habitat connectivity and encourage wildlife movement in and around our project area.