MEG Energy incorporates environmental considerations into all phases of our projects through design, construction, operation and reclamation. We are investing in technology to minimize environmental impacts, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our focus on technology has enabled MEG Energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use to significantly below the industry average, cut the amount of steam required to produce a barrel of oil by nearly half, and to provide cleaner power to Alberta’s energy grid. 

Alberta energy companies follow some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world. At MEG, our focus is not just to meet regulatory requirements – we look for opportunities to go beyond compliance and utilize our proven technology and our processes to protect air, water and land.

MEG employees are proud to work in Alberta’s oil industry and are committed to developing projects in an environmentally-responsible manner. We invest extensive time and effort into careful planning where and how our projects are developed. This proactive approach, combined with our implementation of leading-edge technology and environmental programs, mitigate impacts and help to create positive outcomes for current and future generations.

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