Our Approach

MEG is proud to be part of a vital industry promoting responsible resource development and fueling our economy.

We believe our work is necessary and that our long-term success will be defined by our accountability to all stakeholders to balance our financial performance, environmental performance, social factors and corporate governance.

MEG is committed to providing timely and transparent disclosure of its Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance and practices. MEG’s ESG committee is comprised of MEG’s CEO, General Counsel, VP Subsurface, Environment & Regulatory, VP Operations, Health & Safety, VP Human Resources and VP Corporate Communications and was formed to ensure this commitment is satisfied.

MEG’s Business Conduct Charter contains key principles that guide all aspects of our operations and reflects on the values that build our sustainable model. Our Board, staff and contractors have a shared commitment to be stewards of the environment, to ensure that our operations meet or exceed environmental standards, and to achieve health and safety excellence. These firm commitments are outlined in our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and are enacted within our EHS Management Performance Program. In addition, direct oversight of Health, Safety, Environment and Governance occurs at the Board level; and in 2018 our company-wide corporate compensation was linked to both safety and environmental performance metrics.

We value open relationships with communities close to our operations so we are able to discuss how our projects are being developed, how to minimize environmental impacts, protect the safety of our people and our neighbors, and how we can provide social and economic benefits to our communities.

When we share knowledge and learn from each other, we move toward building projects that are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

Strategy and Planning

MEG relies on a value-driven Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system as an essential element of our sustainability approach to create and protect value and to address uncertainty. ERM is integrated into existing processes within the company including strategic planning, business planning, operating practices, marketing, compliance monitoring, operating performance measurement and facility design.

ERM helps us identify, assess, mitigate, monitor and report enterprise level risks and opportunities to achieve our corporate objectives and goals, which prepares our leaders to make informed decisions about capital and resource allocation.