Indigenous Relations

MEG’s operations fall within, or are adjacent to, Indigenous people’s traditional territory. We understand our projects have an impact on local and surrounding communities, and that it is critical to create and maintain relationships founded on respect and trust throughout the lifecycle of our projects in order for Indigenous peoples and MEG to find mutual benefit. We believe that through these actions, we can meaningfully advance reconciliation.

Our goal is to strengthen the long-term relationship with Indigenous peoples and communities that is founded on continued respect and trust, which will create continued mutual benefit for Indigenous peoples and MEG.

We are committed to the inclusion of Indigenous people in our business through employment and business opportunities. Our approach is guided by the following policies:

  • Indigenous Peoples Policy
  • Human Rights Policy Statement
  • Consultation and Community Affairs
  • Indigenous Awareness Education
  • Economic Inclusion Initiatives

Indigenous Peoples Policy

In early 2021, MEG developed a principles-based Indigenous Peoples Policy that acknowledges the importance of both the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) within the Canadian legal framework and outlines the methods by which we create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships. The Indigenous Relations team engaged with Indigenous communities closest to MEG’s operations and sought and incorporated their feedback into the policy’s development. This is a unique approach to policy development in our industry, and evidence of our commitment to Indigenous inclusion. At the request of the Indigenous communities, the policy statement was also translated into Cree and Dene, languages commonly spoken in these communities. The translations are below.

The initiative of this strategic engagement was well-received, so much so that community leaders provided the following quotes in support of the Policy.

“MEG Energy has been an example to which other companies can look when dealing with Indigenous Communities. We are also proud to have been included in the development of this policy.”

- On behalf of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation Industry Relations


“The CRDAC appreciates being involved in the development of MEG’s Indigenous People’s Policy.”

– On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee



National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Every Child Matters Orange T-Shirts for All MEG Employees

September 27, 2021

This past summer we reached out to local Indigenous communities, near MEG’s operations, to assist in an initiative to support MEG in its efforts to provide employees awareness around National Truth and Reconciliation Day. We invited individuals, families and communities, to participate by creating a visual drawing of what ‘Every Child Matters’ means to them.

We want to congratulate Chastity Stamp, for her impactful artwork that we’ve printed on custom orange t-shirts for each of our employees. The tree in Chastity’s drawing represents life, with the roots connected to the ground “Mother Earth”.  The image signifies the connection and the important message that the children that have been forgotten are surfacing and coming to life.

MEG is honored to showcase Chastity’s drawing which displays an important message for all us in our efforts towards truth and reconciliation.

We also want to say a very special thank you to Cotton Candy, our t-shirt supplier who is directing all of the profits from this t-shirt order to crisis support services of the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.