Air Quality

We design and operate our facilities in a manner that protects the health of our people, surrounding environment and communities.

Operating in Alberta, we adhere to some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world.

Managing and reducing air pollutants and waste preserves air quality, minimizes risks to people and the surrounding environment, reduces waste management costs, and manages the potential increase in regulatory compliance costs.


In 2020 we met all regulatory requirements for air quality. We saw a decrease in NOx emissions relative to 2019 in part due to the facility turnaround where a portion of operations were temporarily shut down in the year for maintenance. VOC emissions decreased with revised monitoring methods and continued implementation of leak detection and repair programs. PM emissions reflect an increase in road dust due to an increase in traffic on unpaved roads associated with turn around activities. Since 2018, SO2 emissions have increased as we revised our sulphur recovery strategy, with regulatory approval, to minimize the use of chemical scavenger. We achieved this while remaining within operating approval limits and Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives. MEG has not had any ambient air quality exceedances related to our operations.