HI-Q® Field Pilot

HI-Q® is an innovative technology that improves the quality of oil sands-based bitumen, allowing it to be shipped in pipelines without blending with light hydrocarbons.

After the successful operation of a small-scale research project, we are now proposing to develop a commercial demonstration plant north of Edmonton, Alberta. 

HI-Q® is a three-step process:

  • The diluent that was added to the bitumen for field treating and initial pipeline shipping is removed and recycled back to the SAGD production facilities for re-use.     
  • Some of the lighter portion of the bitumen is separated from the heavier portion of the bitumen.
  • Asphaltenes (solid hydrocarbons similar to crushed coal) are removed.

The innovative techniques being used in the HI-Q® process and the potential for significantly reduced environmental impacts compared to traditional processing methods have led to the support of a number of agencies including:

  • Sustainable Development Technology Canada
  • Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environmental Solutions
  • Climate Change and Emission Management Corporation