Facts and Figures

Alberta Oil Industry

Did you know that Canada is the most regulated, transparent and socially responsible oil producing country in the world? Or that for every job created in the industry, five jobs are created in other support sectors, such as goods and services? We are proud of our industry and our role in responsibly providing the energy that fuels our lives to cities and towns across North America. To learn more, view MEG’s Alberta Oil Sands: The Facts.

MEG Energy Corp.

MEG was founded in Calgary in 1999 and became publicly traded in 2010. Our production assets are located in Alberta, although our products provide energy to markets across much of North America.

Head office: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Existing and Planned Producing Assets

Christina Lake Project

The Christina Lake Project is a multi-phase SAGD development with associated steam cogeneration, well pads, water treatment and other facilities. 

Lease holdings: Approximately 200 square kilometres
Proved plus probable reserves: 2.0 billion barrels
Location: Approximately 150 kilometres south of Fort McMurray, Alberta

Design capacity: Initial design capacity was 60,000 barrels per day combined, which subsequently increased to approximately 100,000 barrels per day with plant debottlenecking and the deployment of reservoir technologies.

Status: Producing since 2008 (Phase 1), 2009 (Phase 2) and 2013 (Phase 2B).
In early 2012, regulators approved plans to increase total production from the Christina Lake Regional Project to 210,000 bpd.

Surmont Project

The Surmont Project is a proposed multi-phase SAGD development with associated steam cogeneration, well pads, water treatment and other facilities.

Lease holdings: Approximately 80 square kilometres
Location: North of the Christina Lake Project, approximately 80 kilometres south of Fort McMurray, Alberta

Design capacity: 120,000 barrels per day over multiple phases

Status: Subsurface exploration program commenced. Regulatory application received in September 2019. Not part of MEG's current development plan.

Growth Properties

The Growth Properties include leases to the south and west of current operations and offer significant additional future development opportunities. These leases include the proposed May River Regional Project, West Kirby, East Kirby and other exploration lands. 

Lease holdings: Approximately 800 square kilometres in all areas
Location: West of the Christina Lake Project, in various land parcels between approximately 60 kilometres and 130 kilometres north of Lac La Biche, Alberta

Status: Subsurface exploration program commenced.

* Up to date as of March 31, 2021.