Hear From Our Students

David Lornson

6.4.3_NAB_9520.jpgGas Supply & Emissions Co-op Student

 “Of all my co-op terms, working with MEG has been the best experience I have had. MEG has done an excellent job of preparing me for my future career by providing me with real responsibility and challenges that a professional engineer would be expected to manage.”


Rebecca Hohm

6.4.3_MEG0004.jpgHealth & Safety Summer Student

 “Health and Safety really made me feel like I was a part of the team and that I was more than just a summer student. They have given me invaluable experience working in a professional setting and demonstrated that there’s room for growth and hard work is rewarded.”


Kris Kaperi

NAB_8333.jpgDrilling & Completion Summer Student

 “The people are one of MEG’s greatest assets. Every person I’ve met and kept in contact with has enriched my professional career. All of the upper management are down to earth and it’s an honour to work for them. MEG has prepared me for my future career more than you can imagine.”


Alena Hart

6.4.3_MEG0147.jpgEnvironment Co-op Student

 “The MEG employees I worked with throughout my term were great mentors. Employees would take time from their busy days to thoroughly explain processes or projects to ensure I completely understood the material. MEG is a fast growing company that could provide a rewarding career for students in the future.”


Christian Shirabad

6.4.3_MEG0261.jpgEngineering Summer Student

 “Working at MEG has definitely been a great step for me towards my career. Not only have I learned copious amounts of real world applications for electrical engineering, but I have also made a lot of good contacts and friends. I will never forget the skills that I have learned while working at MEG, and will continue to use them throughout my future career.”