Inclusion and Diversity

We are focused on inclusion and diversity to ensure that we are attracting the largest talent pool possible. We aspire to achieve a meaningful increase in the number of Diverse Persons at the management level and ensure Diverse Persons are included in any pool of candidates being considered for election or appointment to the Board and for the appointment or promotion to management positions.

In 2020, we developed a recruiting target to achieve at least a 50% female to male ratio of short-listed candidates for our aggregate recruiting efforts for all employee positions. To further expand the diverse pool of talent we attract, we attend job fairs and cultural events in the Indigenous communities near our operations to actively recruit for positions at site and at our head office in Calgary, Alberta. Attending these events has been difficult since the pandemic, and we are evaluating virtual Indigenous recruitment events.

We celebrate the variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that people bring to our organization through the recognition and support of diversity days, like International Women’s Day, Orange Shirt Day, the Moose Hide Campaign and National Indigenous Peoples Day.

In 2021, we will establish an Inclusion and Diversity Committee and provide Indigenous awareness training across the organization. We are committed to further understanding our workforce demographics as one of the ways to inform our progress on our diversity and inclusion strategy development efforts.

In 2020, 51% of our short-listed candidates were female in our aggregate recruiting efforts meeting the 2019 Corporate Performance Scorecard target and 53% of the searches completed were filled by female candidates.

27% of management positions are held by women and 50% of leadership searches in 2020 were filled by female candidates.