Community Relations

MEG Energy cares about the communities we operate in.


AboriginalAwareness.jpgMEG employees take the time to get to know many local residents, Elders and business people to learn about the needs and traditional values in their communities.

We take pride in our inclusive consultation process, which provides communities the opportunity to help us understand their concerns and aspirations. These open relationships also allow MEG's Community Relations team to share information about our company and projects.

MEG is making a difference.


MEG supports youth and community organizations in our operating areas.

Whether it’s a donation to help create a school library or to fund social activities for Elders, MEG is committed to helping build healthy, productive communities. MEG encourages local hiring where qualified candidates are available, helping local residents to develop new skills and bringing a communal spirit to help MEG achieve its long-term commitment to responsible development.

We’ve also helped to fund an Enhanced Community Policing Program with other members of industry, which funds two RCMP positions to help keep the communities of Janvier, Chard and Conklin safe.