MEG offers unmatched opportunity with its world class asset base, industry leading operational performance and proven technology. The Company is at a free cash flow inflection point, with a highly economic growth plan expected to generate substantial free cash flow in 2019 and beyond. Shareholders should reject the Husky Offer, which significantly undervalues your investment in MEG.

Reasons to REJECT the Husky offer

  • MEG’s stand-alone plan has substantially more value
  • Highly opportunistic timing seeking to take advantage of short-term market concerns to deprive shareholders of the full and fair value of their common shares
  • Exposes MEG shareholders to a slower-growing company with inferior, shorter-lived thermal assets and high cost operations
  • Subjects MEG shareholders to effective control and judgement of Husky’s single majority foreign investor
  • MEG has launched a process to solicit interest and is confident that more attractive alternative will emerge
BOTTOM LINE: MEG’s business has significantly more intrinsic value than Husky’s offer. The Board unanimously recommends that shareholders reject the offer and do not tender shares

View the documents below for MEG’s response to Husky’s unsolicited offer. We will continue to update this page as new materials become available.

  Date View Document
Press Release October 17, 2018 PDF
Directors’ Circular October 17, 2018 PDF
Investor Presentation October 17, 2018 PDF