Access Pipeline

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MEG Energy plays an active role in connecting its growing production to market demand through a 50% ownership in the Access Pipeline.

Access Pipeline is a 345-kilometre dual line running between MEG’s Christina Lake Project and the Edmonton-area upgrading, refining and transportation hub, where the Access Sturgeon terminal is located.

In the third quarter of 2014, MEG completed an expansion of the Access Pipeline, which included the construction of a 42-inch blend line from Christina Lake to the Edmonton-area. MEG's owned capacity in the expanded 42-inch line is approximately 200,000 barrels per day of blended bitumen

Plans call for the previous 24-inch blended product line to be reversed, increasing the volume of diluent that MEG can move from the Edmonton hub to its production facilities.

The expansion of the Access Pipeline continues our strategy of ensuring MEG has control of the necessary pipeline export capacity in place as production volumes increase. Together with the Stonefell Terminal, Access effectively places MEG’s wellhead at the Edmonton hub at a low transportation cost, while also providing the ability to temporarily store products during periods of market disruption or transportation constraint.

Pipeline Safety – Our Top Priority

Operating since 2007, Access Pipeline incorporates modern pipeline technologies and comprehensive processes to support safe and reliable operations, including:

  • Initial x-ray inspection of welds on the pipeline and hydro-testing with water to ensure integrity under pressure
  • 24/7 oversight of pipeline operations using advanced remote monitoring equipment
  • Regular aerial and ground inspections of the exterior of the pipe and surrounding area
  • Biennial inspection of the pipe walls and interior condition using mobile sensors that travel inside the pipe
  • Public awareness campaigns to ensure local industry and stakeholders know the location of the pipeline and can take steps to avoid accidental impacts