About MEG

Christina Lake aerial.jpg Christina Lake Project

MEG Energy Corp. is a Canadian oil sands company focused on sustainable in situ development and production in the southern Athabasca oil sands region of Alberta. MEG has acquired a large, high-quality resource base – one that we believe holds some of the best in situ resources in Alberta. With these resources and a well-formulated strategic growth plan, MEG is positioned to be a strong oil sands player for many years to come.

MEG also owns interests in two key midstream assets: Access Pipeline and Stonefell Terminal.

Access Pipeline, a 50%-owned joint venture with Wolf Mid­stream Inc., connects our Christina Lake Project to a main transportation hub in Edmonton, ultimately providing access for our product to multiple end markets.

Stonefell Terminal, is a wholly-owned 900,000 barrel storage facility that was completed in late 2013. It allows MEG to mitigate risks with pipeline restrictions and acquire and store diluent during favourable market conditions. A proprietary pipeline connects Stonefell Terminal to the Canexus Bruderheim rail facility, establishing the first wellhead to unit train connection via pipeline in Canada.

Together, these assets provide MEG with a number of unique cost and revenue advantages that allow us to add significant value to each barrel we produce.

MEG continually seeks opportunities to incorporate technologies that can strengthen our marketing options and develop additional opportunities. These include our Diluent Removal Facility and HI-Q® demonstration project.

In 2013, MEG announced plans to construct a diluent removal facility that will be connected to Stonefell Terminal. This technology will recycle diluents needed to move our heavy crude by rail and return them to our Christina Lake project via the Access Pipeline. The resulting product “railbit”, can be transported by rail to refining markets across the continent.

MEG’s proprietary HI-Q® technology has been successfully demonstrated on a smaller scale to modify bitumen blends to a product suitable for shipping by pipeline without diluent, at significantly reduced environmental impacts relative to conventional oil sands upgrading processes. In 2014, MEG commenced construction of the HI-Q® Field Demonstration Pilot.

As part of our overall marketing efforts, these technologies are focused on reducing both our diluent requirements and our transportation costs. 

Guiding the development of our resource base and strategic plans is a highly experienced team. Our company is home to some of the industry’s top talent, boasting decades of experience that span nearly every thermal oil sands project developed in Alberta over the past 20 years. We hire individuals who share our commitment to excellence in all that we do and those who are passionate about responsible energy development.