Marketing Strategy

Connecting to Markets

MEG Energy has an active role in connecting our growing production to market demand through a 50% ownership in the Access Pipeline.

Access connects MEG’s Christina Lake Project to the large upgrading, refining and transportation hub near Edmonton, Alberta. From the Edmonton hub, we are able to connect to markets from the Pacific coast and the U.S. Rocky Mountain region in the west, to the Great Lakes and U.S. Mid-continent in the east.

map_Access_pipeline_sm.jpgAt the same time as diluted bitumen is moved to customers on the Access Pipeline, a smaller pipe running in the opposite direction from the Edmonton hub to our Christina Lake facility helps ensure a reliable supply of diluent for blending into our products.

As production grows, there are options to increase the capacity and reach of the Access line.

Building on this flexible “hub and spoke” strategy, MEG is constructing a new terminal and tank facility called Stonefell located southwest of the Access Sturgeon Terminal. With a planned 900,000 barrel capacity, Stonefell is expected to add significant value by:

  • Allowing MEG to blend products to improve the quality and price realization of our exports
  • Mitigating the impacts of periodic pipeline restrictions, which can temporarily distort market prices
  • Providing the opportunity to acquire and store diluent when market conditions are favourable

Together, the flexibility and connections to multiple markets provided by Access and Stonefell improve our ability to optimize the value of every barrel MEG produces.